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First Impressions

At first glance FTV Girls feels to me like a classy modeling site. There are a few sites like this on the web that are all about the girl, her beauty, and her body. It’s refreshing to see such reverence of women after you’ve been through scores of hardcore sites that feature nothing but women being pounded senselessly. I see this site as the perfect antidote when you’re tired of that kind of stuff. Of course, if you’re looking for some hardcore action it appears as though they have a nice stock of pussy penetration videos and pictures.

Hot Promises

FTV seems to cover a number of different niches. They have sexy posing galleries and videos, masturbation videos, fetishes and public nudity up the wazoo. At its core though the site is about the appreciation of beautiful women, especially since you’d be hard pressed to find an ugly chick featured anywhere on the premises.


The member’s area is welcoming and friendly, despite the dark background and the use of gray in the design. The member’s index page is the update center and you’ll want to come back every 4-6 days for the new updates. Each update is centered on one model and features both picture galleries and video clips. Often more than a gigabyte of video is added, so make sure your high speed connection is ready to go. A recent update featuring a beautiful redhead named Tabetha featured three different video sets and four picture galleries. Technically that’s seven different content sets added in one shot. If you happen to like Tabetha’s look, and there’s no way you wouldn’t, you’ll be head over heels for all that content.

There are currently more than 250 models featured at FTV Girls, each with anywhere between 250-1000 images as well as several video clips. All told you’ll find more than 1,200 downloadable videos. The accomplishment here is astonishing, and I can’t help but stand in awe of the site.

Browsing the content is pretty simple. Everything is organized by model, so you’ll want to direct yourself to the model directory. The girls are listed alphabetically and for each you can check out a small thumbnail before clicking through to her content sets. The thumbnails are too small though and it’s hard to tell what the girl even looks like. Because of that you’ll be doing a lot of clicking as you search for a girl that really turns your crank (which shouldn’t be hard to find).

Next to each model’s name on the list you’ll find a star ranking that shows how popular the girl is, the date in which the content was added, the girl’s height and measurements, and a description of the sets contained within. The content of FTV Girls varies widely. Some girls are just posing in sexy outfits and slowly stripping while the camera snaps picture after picture. Others are inserting speculums into their pussies and giving the camera an up close view inside them. Still others are getting nude in public places like a mall, a restaurant, or a department store.

Whereas most sites tend to concentrate on either pictures or videos FTVGirls does both equally well. The picture galleries show the modeling side of the site. It isn’t the typical slice of life stuff that you seen on many sites. The girls are striking sexy poses, traveling to exotic places to shoot, and dressing in elegant clothes.

It’s in the videos though that you’ll find the real strength of FTV Girls. Since the site is very much about real girls having real orgasms they try to let you in on the personality of the babes you’re watching. The girls give interviews in most of the clips, banter with the camera man, and sometimes talk directly to you. Some of my favorite scenes are the instances of public nudity where the girls are chatting with the camera guy and flashing him their tits at the same time.

The videos also provide a chance for you to watch a girl have an actual orgasm on camera. Most adult sites just have the girls fake it so they can get on with producing more content; here they make the girls as comfortable as possible and then let them take as much time as they need to get off. They also provide the tools of the trade, including vibrators, dildos, lube, and anything else they might need. Once you see the girls get off for real you won’t be able to go back to other porn sites.

It’s hard to pick out favorite content sets on FTV Girls so I figured I’d share a few of my favorite models with you. The first is Carli, a gorgeous blonde with a smoking hot body, a beautiful smile, and a strong desire to get nude in public. The second is Tabetha, a stunning redhead who was recently added to the site. Redheads are rare enough; a redhead this beautiful is practically non-existant. Lastly we have Sarah Blake, another redhead. This one is teenage babe with a long and lean body and a beautiful smile. There are many others, though, so check them all out.

Croco’s Opinion

I don’t have any real complaints about FTV Girls. They’ve done everything right, most of all the dedication to beautiful women posing in beautiful locations. The pictures are high resolution and high quality, the photographers are skilled, and the clothing chosen for the girls only highlights their beauty. The videos give you a window into the personality of these babes and they allow you to watch some very hot solo scenes. Throw in the frequent updates and you have a brilliant, flawless site.


Navigating is simple and easy, as everything is very well laid out. The only complaint I would register is that the preview thumbs for each girl are too small. Other than that you’ll find no difficulties.

Pricing Policy

Billing is done through CCBill and will run you $29.95 for one month and $29.95 recurring after that. You can pay for 5 months up front of $99, which by far the better deal.

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